( 1886 – 1942 )

Son of Smt. Gouramma and Sri Subbarayudu Perayya was an expert in performing BHAMA and GOLLAKALAAPAS. Perayya is known more as a guru than as a performer. He belonged to the pre-independent India and is one of the first, who made serious attempts to take the Kuchipudi art form out of its traditional confines into the wider world.

He trained DEVADAASIS of Meduru and Nangigadda, arranged performances by them and played the roles of SUTHRADHAARA (principal narrator). Popular among them are Krishnaveni of Nangigadda and Balathripura Sundari of Repalle. He had a unique style of his own as SUTHRADHAARA and always acted with a presence of mind establishing an admirable rapport with the audience. It is commendable that Perayya did not merely impart training to DEVADAASIS and make them good performers, but even played a reformatory role in molding their lives.

Well known among his disciples are Vempati Chinna Satyam and Josyula Sitaramayya. He was the last to carry the tradition of dance in his family

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