(  Late 18th and mid 19th Centuries  )

Born to Parma and Sriramulu, Madhavayya started his dance training under his father and also was well versed in music; brilliant even as a child artist, he was always concerned with bringing out innovations in Kuchipudi form at a time when only Kalapas formed the core of Kuchipudi performances, he was the performances, he was the persons who felt the need of enlarging its repertoire.

Toured along with his troupe all the Telegu speaking districts; it is said that when he visited Tanjore district, he was fascinated by the Bhagavatamela dance dramas of Melathur Kasinathayya and borrowed the texts with a view to adopt it to Kuchipudi style; this probably would have taken place during the rule of Sarabhoji (1793-1832) or in the reign of Shivaji (1832-1855); a great teacher as well, Madhavayya trained many artists of whom mention should be made of Chinta Venataratnam, Ramanatham and Hari Chalapathi; Chinta Venkataatnam took the leadership of Madhavayya’s troupe after his demise.

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