( 1904 – 1977 )

Second son of Sri Sriraamulu, Mahankaali Sathyanarayana received his early training in dance form from his father and later from Chintha Venkataramayya and music from Challapalli Sitharaamayya.

A person of extraordinary talent, Sathyanaraya made a mark in the potrayal of THAAMASIC characters and was second only to Hari Venkatachalapathi; played the characters with natural ease and spontanetly and his portrayal of the characters of VEERABAAHU and VISWAMITHRA are said to be unsurpassed by any other artist; in particular that of BAANAASURA and HIRANYAKASIPA, who were torn between human sentiments such as filial love and personal faith and convictions, are believed to be fabulous; besides he also played the roles of YAMADHARMARAAJA, with great histrionic talents and imposing physical appearance.

He worked under the banner of MAHANKAALI MELAMU for a long time with Vedaantham Raaghavayya, Bhaagavathula Sathyanaaraayana, Darbha Venkateswarlu and Vedaantham Ramayya as his colleagues; after Vedaantham Raaghavayya’s entry in to the film world, he rejoined VENKATARAMA NATYAMANDALI, though not a recipient of many honours, his contribution as a character actor to the development of SAATHVIKAABHINAYA ASPECT IN Kuchipudi form is very significant and memorable.

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