( 1927- 2004 )

Son of Smt. Adiakshmi and Sri Ramayya, Krishna Murthy is the disciple of Chintha Venkataramayya and Chintha Ramamurthy. Specially known for his ABHINAYA he was popular for his female roles of SATHYABHAAMA,GOLLABH, USHA and SASIREKHA; as an young t, he was associated with CHINTHA VAARI MELAM, which trained and shaped him in the exquisite portrayal of female characters.

During the early part career he used to perform solos in the intervals of dance dramas; is one of the artistes to perform the special solo number of the Kuchipudi repertoire, like THARANGAAS and SABDAS. Krishna Murthy, following Vempati Peda Satyam and Vedaantham

Raaghavayya, migrated to Madras, in search of a better livelihood; he entered the film field and directed dance for nearly two hundred filmsin Telugu, Tamil, Canarese, Malayalam and Hindi.

Highly imaginative in his choreography, his dance compositions to comedy song-sequences is said to be highly entertaining; known for the ability of perfect blending of classical with folk, his most popular films include MALLISWARI,MAHAAKAVI KAALIDAASU, MAAYABAZAAR ,MISSAMMA, VINAAYAKA CHAVITHI, SIRI SIRI MUVVA and MEGHASANDESAM.

Krishna Murthy should be credited with popularizing Kuchipudi dance form through the medium of cinema by incorporating regular traditional items like JAAVALIS, PADAMS and THILLANAS at appropriate sequences.

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