Hari Venkatachalapati’s times are not clearly known but according to some sources he was supposed to have lived between early and late 19th century; Peramma and Sriramulu, were his parents.

A hefty figure with imposing extremely popular for his roles of Hiranyakasipa; deeply committed to the art, his character portrayals were said to be unsurpassed to this day; legend goes that during his portrayal of Hiranyakasipa, a highly emotionalized character, torn between parental love and hatred of Vishnu and his encounter with Lord Narasimha, he had to be physically controlled on the stage with ropes tied to his arms; also known for his portrayal of other characters such as Banasura, Visvamitra, Ravana, Kichaka with equal authority; Kuchipudi lost a great character actor with his death.

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